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Results & Impact

Ofek Institute of Management helps clients achieve higher levels of performance and long-lasting results:

Minimizing Human Error in Production Processes

  • Israel Oil Refineries (Bazan):
    Thorough dozens of improvement teams we have coached, we have managed in 3 years to decrease by over 40% the Human Error of operators in the cintrol rooms of the Israel Oil Refineries.
  • Tower Semiconductors Ltd.:
    In a similar process at Tower, we have decreased the Human Error level at the production line by about 60% in only 1 year of work.

Improving R&D

As part of a change management process at Tiny Love, we have defined a new position of Product Managers and have implemented a new approach for managing product development projects. We have led Integrative Project Teams (IPT) and have defined product development procedures. Our work has helped the company achieve strategic planning of over 20 new products per year and achieve the initialy set project Gant deadlines in 95% of the products.

Enhancing Export Ability

Ofek Management Institute has managed the task force for implementation of the strategic plan for increasing Israel's agriculture produce export ability. Ofek Management Institute has introduced the Eurep GAP standrads to the Israeli Ministry of Agriculture and to the Israeli agriculture industry as a whole. We have led standard certification processes in dozens of farms of quality management standards and of food hazards mangement standards. 
Within 5 years Ofek Management Institute has increased the export ability by over 27% in agricultural industries throughout Israel.

Increased Realibity in lab inspections

In a thorough implementation of the international standard for lab management ISO 17025 Ofek Management Instiutute has led over 30 labs to achieve the standard's certification. Among the labs which have been certified are all of the water labs of the Israeli Water Authority (Mekorot), labs of air pollution control of the Israeli Ministry of Enviromental Protection, the labs of the Israeli Flaura and Fauna Protection Services and the labs of the Israeli Veterenerian Services. In all labs we have created SOP and have defined a methodology for conducting Proficiency Tests. We have increased the reliability of lab inspections by an average of 38% compared to the standard inspection results of previous years.

Improving quality of service

We have led service improvement processes through training of improvement teams, analysis of work processes and controls. We have streamlined citizen service charters in over 10 municipalities across Israel . In surveys conducted in the cities we have worked with:
\\/The level of satisfaction of citizens from the municipal services has increased by 48% in average 
\\/The level of citizen complaints has decreased by 63% in average compared to the previous year

Improving work processes quality

Our work at NICE has brought the company to recieve the ISO 14000 certification for environment management along with the establishement of improvement teams 

Cutting Manufacturing Costs

Our work at Tower Semiconductors Ltd. has achieved manufacturing cost reduction of 10%, through development of an IT system for quality indicators data collection and streamlining an approach for excellence culture within the organization