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Ofek Institute of Management was founded in 1973 and since has been providing consulting services in the areas of Management, Industrial Engineering and Business Development. Heading the firm are PhD. Hana Ofek and DSc. Abraham Ofek. The firm's consultants team has vast experience in working with both the private and the public sectors. The firm has been leading various projects in numerous fields in Israel and around the world.
Ofek Institute of Management is one of the leading consulting firms in Israel with cross-sector expertise, providing consulting services for companies in the high-tech sector, in the industrial sector, for service and retail organizations, for government offices, for healthcare organizations and for education institutes.
The firm has also been providing consulting services from the US market from its New York office for over 12 years. Among its American clients are GM, TRW, Cleveland Clinics, Forest City, Delco Ohio and more. Ofek Institute of Management has also led projects in Europe with organizations such as IYHF - The International Youth Hostels Federation, Tesco, AgriVera, CMi, Durapipe UK and more. Since 2001, Ofek Institute of Management has also led management consulting projects in China from our base in Nanging.
The firm specializes in the following area:

Industrial Engineering and Management  
\\/ Organizational Diagnosis, identifying needs for change management, leading organizational change process and developing company-specific management methods
\\/  Development and implementation of project management methods and work process improvement in the High-Tech industry
\\/  General work processes improvement methods
\\/  Project Management for establishment and planning of work process and management processes.
\\/  Implementing quality culture in High-Tech organizations while establishing unique standards such as TS9000.
\\/  Corporate Strategy planning and preparation of long term work plans
\\/  Development and maintenance of quality management systems in organizations. Facilitating improvement processes and quality methodologies
\\/  Procedures development, process analysis and preparation of work procedures, product specs, and service measures
\\/  Quality management and preparation for international standards authorizations such as ISO 18000, ISO 9000 etc.
\\/  Establishment of environmental quality systems in accordance with ISO 14000
\\/  Preparation of labs for meeting the ISO 17025 standard

Knowledge Systems and Knowledge Management  
\\/  Mapping the organizational knowledge needs
\\/  Analysis of information systems and IT
\\/  Planning of applications for management control
\\/  Development of organizational infrastructure for knowledge management and management of implementation processes of systems for knowledge and information management
\\/  Development of the organizational IT blueprints and initiating IT implantations for enhancing efficiency within the organization
\\/  Training and implementation of IT systems
\\/  Creating procedures and guides for task-specific IT systems 

Organizational Behavior and Development of Organizational Learning Systems 

\\/  conducting public surveys and research in the areas of behavioral and management science
\\/  Organizational Development
\\/  Coaching processes for shaping organizational culture in work systems
\\/  Development of the organizational code of ethics
\\/  Planning and implementation of effectiveness measures
\\/  Coaching improvement teams in the organization
\\/  Development of organizational quality system
\\/  Implementation of EFQM processes in the organization
\\/  Management of implementations for organizational learning and renewal


\\/  Managing training programs in organizations
\\/  Trainings for workers and managers via e-Learning
\\/  Development professional training programs
\\/  Management Training programs, coaching improvement and streamlining teams
\\/  Professional abilities management of the organization's employees

Organizational Development  

\\/  Total diagnosis – examination of the work processes and working methods in the organization, examination of procedures and regulations, analysis of labor division and organizational behavior patterns within the organization
\\/  Organizational Structures Design – redesign of the organizational structure according to changing goals and environment constraints, definition of responsibility and authority boundaries within the organization
\\/  HR Management – conduction job analysis, job description and definition according to changing needs, development of innovative compensation plans, recruitment planning, employee development planning, assessment processes planning
\\/  MIP Planning for management development
\\/  Constructing databases according to HR development needs in the organization
\\/  Conducting and analyzing surveys – market surveys, employee satisfaction surveys, customer satisfaction surveys etc.
\\/  Development of senior management and junior management work patterns
\\/  Conducting practical researches, data collection and multi-variable SPSS analysis, professional literature surveys and research reports

HR Management  

\\/  Planning employee evaluation processes and mobility processes
\\/  Job mapping and planning specific career development tracks
\\/  Organizational knowledge management and development of HR infrastructures in the organziation